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the following abbreviations and terminology are used In this functional specification :

The System - short name of the financial platform BINETIX® PTM™;

Documented information – documents and or recordings of official information which are leaving trails of certain conducted actions in the Financial platform BINETIX® PTM™ or other integrated product/service;

Effectiveness – the extent to which the planned activities have been realized and the planned results achieved;

Efficacy – the correlation of achieved results to resources used;

Client – a person or a legal entity receiving a service / product from the organization you are working for;

HQ or RHQ - headquarters or Regional Headquarters from the branch network of the organization you are working for;

Project – the term covers any temporary endeavor (task) as a set of processes and activities related to the implementation or development of products and / or modules to products;

Programme – represents a group of related projects and other activities that are consistent with the strategic objectives of BINETIX LLC. The term will be used in this document for administrative and organizational purposes only and should not be confused with other subject areas;

EDR - an Electronic Documentary Record;

MoneyGram® - registered trademark of MoneyGram®;

AgentConnect® - registered trademark of MoneyGram®;

ELS - Eurogiro® Local System;

LMAML - Law on Measures Against Money Laundering;

LMAFT - Law on Measures Against Financing of Terrorism;

SANS - the State Agency for National Security is a specialized body for counterintelligence and security;

Authentication – identify verification of a person by defined criteria such as user-name and password when logging in an Information system;

Authorization – delegating a right to use a particular resource or asset of the company. Verification of this right leads to assignment or denial of access (authorized or unauthorized access);

Secret information – the term "Secret information" covers any confidential information that is used by employees and users to access other categorized information. The secret information may include a user name, password, cryptography keys for access, and etc.

Reconciliation - comparison of financial and accounting balances by transactions

Software testing – the terms "testing" and "test conducting" are used in this document to achieve more accurate compliance with the terminology laid down in State Standards. The practical application of these concepts is consistent with software testing activities;

Workplace – the workplace is a collective notion of all assets, means, and materials used by an employee in the course of his / her duties by the means provided by the BINETIX® PTM™ platform or other integrated product / service;

FAQ – "Frequently Asked Questions" is a public online service available through BINETIX Network, which provides a substantial knowledge base with professional answers on practical issues addressed by users and customers of BINETIX;

SLA – Customer-based service-level agreement, as term in this documentation, particularly refers to an regulated (agreed) commitment between BINETIX and your organization, as our client, to provide standard or preferential functional support;

T&M – IT services provided on time and materials basis for SLA or incident management support.

COD -  this is a cash on delivery payment method.

LOC - An abbreviation for Letter of Credit, also know as a Documentary credit

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